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Welcome to the Wireless Technology Laboratory Web Site

          The Wireless Technology Laboratory - WissTek - is a University lab, whose activities are focused on a wide range of aspects related to wireless communications. It was formally established in 2001 as a research laboratory, under the coordination of Prof. Michel Daoud Yacoub, although its activities date back to the mid 1980's.

          WissTek, therefore, pioneered the research activities in wireless communications in Brazil. This pioneering competence allowed WissTek to quickly establish cooperation with cellular operating companies, research labs, and industries. Several Ph.D. theses, M.Sc. dissertations, books, papers, and software tools have been produced as a result of the activities within the WissTek throughout these years.

          Its ex-graduate students occupy University positions as Professors or industry positions worldwide. Its books appear as textbooks or references in a number of wireless communications courses worldwide. Some of the techniques developed within WissTek have been implemented in software planning tools.